Business Lines

Telecommunications equipment

Advanced technology in pursuit of user-friendliness

In the 1980s Uniden created a sensation when it introduced its line of cordless telephones to the U.S. in a campaign launched by pro golfer Jack Nicklaus. Since then the Uniden brand has become synonymous with cordless telephones in the American market. For more than 30 years, Uniden has been offering its products to the home and office users in America, Europe, Australia, Japan, and the rest of the world, applying ever more advanced technology in pursuit of user-friendliness.

Wireless communications equipment

Safety and peace of mind to anyone

Wireless communications equipment that is indispensable for pursuing leisure and outdoor work, disaster prevention, crime prevention, and rescue work in America's vast natural wilderness and climate extremes. Uniden's CB radios, marine radios, 2-way radios, and scanners have earned the loyal support of fans for many years, as essential communications equipment in the vast land of America, for their performance, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Today, Uniden is recognized as an old, established brand in wireless communications equipment, delivering safety and peace of mind to anyone who works or plays seriously in the great outdoors.

CB Radios:


It was in the early 1970s, in the midst of the CB radio craze, that Uniden leaped to prominence, and CB radios remain very popular to this day. Currently, the use of CB radios is firmly established as a vital tool for communicating information in America's car-based society. They are used for everything from road traffic reports to critical updates of information when a tornado or other disaster occurs.

Marine Electronics:


Through its hybrid models fitted with GPS mapping to send and receive positioning information via communications satellites and wireless terminals that can communicate wirelessly with a base unit in the vessel cabin, these products provide safe and convenient marine communications.

2-Way Radios:


General Mobile Radio System (GMRS) radios are very popular as a portable means of communication for ensuring safety during outdoor sports, and for site management at small-scale remote operations such as factories and livestock farms. Uniden offers a wide lineup of products, of outstanding value-for-money, to suit every need.



In America, where the distances between homes and towns can be vast, scanners (wideband radio receivers) that enable information about weather, natural disasters, and crime prevention to be received in real time, are indispensable to the autonomy and vigilance of communities. With a market share of 70%, the Uniden brand is firmly established.

Digital Consumer Products

A well rounded product lineup

In the Japanese market there is growing demand for HD TVs as well as terrestrial digital tuners for homes and cars, due to the transition to digital broadcasting, which will be completed by July 2011. And with its well-rounded product lineup, Uniden is helping more and more people to enjoy this new technology. On the basis of this and in view of the worldwide trend to digital broadcasting worldwide, Uniden is setting up systems to ensure that it can respond to this growing and diverse demand in a timely way.