President's Message

The Quest:Our Mission as global company based on solid market confidence.

In March 2011, Japan was hit by an unprecedented natural disaster. To everyone who has suffered the effects of the earthquake and tsunami, we extend our deepest sympathies. Uniden will continue to support the country's mission to recover and rebuild.

Through effective management of the five foundational functions of our company, we are working hard to reform the company to create a "strong and winning Uniden."
Our marketing ability will connect the demands of customers to product development as rapidly as possible. Our development ability will connect anticipated products to production in a timely way. Our purchasing ability will achieve higher added value. Our production skills will gain trust in the market by reliably providing high-quality products. Last but not least, our management abilities will concentrate and manage all this information, thereby facilitating management decisions that match any situation that could arise.

In order to revitalize Uniden to give back more to our customers, shareholders, and employees, by restoring the company to high growth and profitability, which is the essential character of the company, and to strive to continue to contribute to our social responsibilities, Uniden is taking important steps to establish trust with all the stakeholders with whom we are involved.

Uniden Holdings Corporation