At Uniden, we address the needs of today's world, through "connectivity, engineering, and responsibility," striving for richer communication.

Connectivity = "People"

Customers and Uniden;shareholders and Uniden;employees and Uniden. "People" make up Uniden, and it's "people" that form the bedrock of the company. With this philosophy, we have grown steadily by looking at the "big picture" and building even more connections between "people" throughout the world. By placing importance on "people-to-people" and "heart-to-heart" connections, we will keep challenging ourselves to be the best company we can be.

Engineering = "Technology"

More than anything else, it is technology that underpins our mission at Uniden. Since Uniden was founded, we have consistently centered our efforts around communications technology for connecting "people" with "people," and delivered user-friendly products with all the functions and performance that our customers demand, utilizing both mature and leading-edge technologies. And we continue to explore new fields of endeavor, in pursuit of ideal means of communication that connect "people" with "people" in richer and more convenient ways.

Responsibility = "Contribution"

By offering convenient, easy-to-use products that help to connect people through Uniden's global business, we want to help individuals to live a brighter life and help communities to flourish. Currently, we are also focusing more direct efforts on social contribution activities, for example by offering scholarships to children at underprivileged primary schools in Vietnam, supporting "pink ribbon" initiatives aimed at reducing breast cancer rates, and through activities to revitalize Japan's aging society, by organizing "seniors" competitions for retired professional sportspersons over 60 years of age. We will continue these efforts so that the trust and peace of mind of each and every person connected to Uniden becomes a future asset to us, whilst serving them as a beneficial force in their lives.